Canon has already patented a cooling system for the R5

Canon has already patented a cooling system for the R5

With the amount of Flak that Canon is facing due to the reported heating issues with its new EOS R5 & R6 cameras, it may seem that Canon needs some really creative thinking to handle this ongoing issue. 

However, it seems that Canon actually was quite aware of these issues and even took steps to design an patent a device which will provide cooling to the R5s sensor. 

This device, patented in Oct 2019, is an RF mount adapter that acts as a fan-driven cooling chamber to remove excess heat from the camera’s interior and the image sensor. 

“A cooling device having a hollow shape, heat transfer means for transmitting heat generated from the electronic component or the image sensor to the cooling device, an inner peripheral portion formed so as to surround the optical axis, and the cooling device,” describes the machine-translated Japanese patent.

“An outer peripheral part that is an exterior and is formed so as to surround the optical axis; and a hollow part that is formed between the inner peripheral part and the outer peripheral part and serves as a gas flow path. Is provided with an intake port for allowing gas to flow into the hollow portion, and an exhaust port for discharging gas from the hollow portion, and the hollow portion includes gas from the intake port to the exhaust port. Fan that gives driving force to flow into Characterized in that it is arranged.”

The device looks like the solution many Canon users may need to consider if they are looking at the canon EOS R5 as primarily a video camera. Which basically it isn’t, however thanks to Canon drawing attention to what it should not have it’s facing a lot of flak for what is just a novelty feature that many EOS R5 users will not be using much. 

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