Nikon has temporarily suspended repairs & Services in Japan

Nikon has temporarily suspended repairs & Services in Japan
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Following the Global COVID-19 pandemic, Nikon has temporarily suspended service & repairs in Japan. This was a follow up to the emergency declaration by the Japanese Government on the 7th of April, 2020. 

Statement Excerpt,

About correspondence in new coronavirus infectious disease (April 7 update)

April 7, 2020

We would like to express our sincere condolences to all those who died of this new coronavirus infection and their bereaved families. We also sincerely hope that those affected and those in difficult situations will be recovered as soon as possible.

In response to the Japanese government’s scheduled declaration of an emergency on April 7, the Nikon Group decided that Nikon Corporation’s head office, Oi Works, Yokohama Works, Sagamihara Works, Kumagaya Works, Yokosuka Works, and emergency situations. From April 8th to May 1st, all subsidiaries in the regions covered by the Declaration have decided to work from home, except for employees who are required to go to work, based on the conventional recommendation of working from home.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers and business partners, and we appreciate your understanding and understanding.

Please note that this correspondence may be revised appropriately in the future depending on changes in the situation. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

Going forward, we will continue to take the highest priority to ensure the safety of employees and their families, customers, business partners, and everyone in the vicinity of our business sites and prevent the spread of infection.

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