Canon EOS R7: Canon 7D Mk II Replacement in 2021?

Canon EOS R7: Canon 7D Mk II Replacement in 2021?
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Canon EOS R7?

A new rumour from the Canon camp indicates that there may be an EOS R with an APS-C sensor in the works. Could this be the Canon EOS R7, a crop sensor R model designed to replace the venerable 7D Mk II?

canon 7d
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Canon 7D Mk II

This new rumour indicates that this model could be released somewhere in 2021. Also, there could be 3 new RF lenses being released for this specific model.

A 7D Mk II replacement seems like a good idea, seeing as how well received the 7D line up was. With its twin processors and croped sensor, the 7D line up was a fast and powerful wildlife camera. Any EOS R device aimed at replacing that line up will have pretty big shoes to fill.

However, everyone seems to be waiting for details on the Canon EOS R5. There are enough rumours out there with Canon acknowledging a few of them. Everybody awaits the release of the actual device, which could very well be a powerful game-changer in Canon’s favour. And wait, isn’t there a Canon EOS R6 as well? 2020 is going to be an interesting year.

Check out information on the Canon EOS R5




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