Kartra Vs Builderall 2020: A Detailed Comparison Between Two Powerful Marketing Systems

Kartra Vs Builderall 2020: A Detailed Comparison Between Two Powerful Marketing Systems
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Builderall and Kartra are immensely popular and powerful online marketing solutions, with many similarities and a few important differences.

But it’s difficult to determine which out of these is the best revenue-generating platform for your needs. In order to help you decide we have decided to carry out a fairly detailed comparison here.

In this review, you will have a very detailed look at the features and the differences between these two very capable platforms.

Let’s start with Builderall:

What does Builderall Do?

Builderall is a hosted sales funnel software coupled with a powerful marketing system with quite a large number of features. It primarily had all the tools a business owner may need to successfully run his or her business and promote it online.

Just like every advanced builder out here, Builderall comes with hosting, drag-and-drop editor, many customizable templates, membership sites, running e-commerce stores, email marketing software, split-testing capability, integrations and many more.

What are the features of Builderall?

builderall features
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Builderall has a host of design tools, including photo editors called the Photo Studio, A visual design engine called the Design Studio, and a Video Editor which allows you to make animated videos with texts.

Builderall provides a wide variety of customizable templates. These allow you to create a series of beautifully designed Landing pages, sales pages, and even host webinars.

Builderall adds a feature called Mailingboss which is its inbuilt Autoresponder and email marketing solution. It has all the traditional bells and whistles associated with such a service and allows you to generate leads, track existing ones, Create new email campaigns and monitor them, and build email lists and categorize them into segments.

Builderall also allows you to host a proper eCommerce store, thanks to its partnership with Magento. You can have a traditional eCommerce store with all the necessary features like coupons, carts, etc.

Builderall also has an integrated Webinar functionality that lets you produce a live stream, schedule recorded streams, chat and detailed reporting on the event.

Builderall has a detailed heat mapping functionality to test page effectiveness and an advanced split testing facility.

In total Builderall encompasses over two dozen functionalities and it allows a new user to quickly scale his operations.

What does Kartra do?

kartra review features
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Kartra is a versatile Sales Funnel Builder for marketers and entrepreneurs. It is fully hosted and has a variety of features.

Let’s take a look at some of these,

Kartra has a huge compilation of premade campaigns which you can easily customize and use as sales funnels. These have been thoroughly tested to ensure high conversion rates.

Kartra has a variety of page templates also available. These include Product Launch templates, checkout page templates, Video sales pages, thank you pages, to name a few.

Kartra also allows video hosting on its own servers so you do not need to depend on external platforms like Vimeo or YouTube.

Kartra also uses adaptive marketing based on user behavior. BAM (Behavioural Adaptive Marketing) as it is known as, adapts your page dynamically from user to user, based on their preferences. This artificial intelligence-driven functionality uses a recommendation engine to adjust and adapt and increase conversions.

Kartra has an inbuilt Affiliate Network which allows other marketers to promote your products and vice versa.

Now let us look at similarities in these platforms,

Both Builderall and Kartra have a variety of easily customizable and indeed very stylish templates for creating the necessary pages. These work flawlessly, indeed I had no trouble at all understanding the interface and customizing them as per my requirements.

Both provide a drag and drop editor for building pages and these work just fine although they seem a little old fashioned.

Marketing automation is again a big feature of both, especially Kartra, which has the recommendation engine integrated. Builderall’s Mailingboss is a great feature and Kartra Forms allows you to create various lead generation forms.

Kartra’s highly automated Sequence Builder also allows greater workflow automation.

Both Platforms provide webinar support, however, Builderall has the same better managed as everything is integrated and does not require any other application to perform flawlessly. Kartra requires integration with Webinarjam or similar to get the same results.

Both support Affiliate programs which you can subscribe to and get additional income.

Now let’s look at feature differences between these two,

Builderall Features That Aren’t in Kartra

  • Animation and video editor
  • Photo editor
  • Blog Builder
  • Browser notification system
  • Ecommerce tool integration
  • Facebook Messenger chatbot
  • Auto-post for social media
  • Social Proof software
  • Presentation software
  • A content share locking feature

Kartra Features That Aren’t in Builderall

  • Helpdesk software
  • Calendar and event booking tool
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) technology
  • Video hosting
  • Affiliate marketplace
  • Progress bars for membership sites

How much does Builderall Cost?

builderall pricing
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Builderall has 4 primary pricing plans. Starting from the basic $19.90/month plan to the premium $69.90/month plan which gives access to the entire feature set.

How much does Kartra Cost?

Starter plan costs $99/month with up to 2,500, 1 custom domain, 15k emails monthly, 2 membership sites, 100 pages. With all the features Kartra offers.

Silver plan costs $199/month with up to 12,500 contacts, 3 custom domains, 125k emails monthly, hosts unlimited pages and members area.

Other Kartra plans include the Gold and Platinum plan costs $299/month and $499/month respectively. There is also an annual option that cuts all Kartra plan by 25%.


Let’s start from the most obvious point here. Price. Kartra is a significantly expensive option when compared to Builderall’s price plans. However, Kartra offers some seriously good features which are missing in Builderall. However, what matters is your exact requirement and any small to medium enterprise should be perfectly happy with the feature set that Builderall provides. Also, Kartra is much more suitable for large corporations wanting a customer-focused conversion approach. It is more efficient at what it does.

However, both are really impressive and any choice you make should be based on your needs. Kartra is gaining a lot of ground, simply because its feature set is huge and if you overlook the pricing you will come to the conclusion, that you simply do not need any other marketing solution.

Builderall is the perfect solution for anyone starting out and needing a solution for lead generation and conversion. Builderall will definitely fit your budget and will get the job done.

If neither fit the bill, there are solutions like Getresponse, which primarily is an email marketing solution, however, it also does include features like sales funnels and even a CRM.

Check out the full review for Getresponse here

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