Kartra Review 2020: Detailed Review of this Versatile Marketing Tool

Kartra Review 2020: Detailed Review of this Versatile Marketing Tool



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  • All in one Marketing Platform
  • Excellent Value for Money
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  • Slightly steeper Learning Curve

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Kartra Review

Successfully selling online involves a lot of work, a lot of services and technology being implemented to improve your chances of succeeding. You start right from building your website, get leads, and send emails, basically coax your email list to make that purchase.

And all of this is possible only if you invest quite a lot of money in all these services and then get them to work together in order to get sales. Integration can be a challenge. Getting the best out of each one of them is not easy.

Kartra understands and provides a solution by combining all that you may need to launch and manage a successful email and sales campaign in one application.

So let’s take a look at what this platform offers.

First of all, let’s take a look at what exactly is Kartra.

Kartra was launched in 2018 by Genesis Digital.

It includes hosting, Sales Funnels, Video, Webinar, email Marketing, A/B Testing, and a variety of other features. And the best thing is all of them are integrated and work seamlessly with each other.

Now, this isn’t the first tool of this sort by any means, we have quite a lot of them already. But Katra has its strong points. It has premade funnels that have been extensively tested for performance and conversion. Kartra helps you use these premade funnels to grow your email list and convert.

So this makes Kartra an ideal tool for people wanting a single solution that does everything for them. Marketing, lead generation, Sales. The whole lot.

And there is a solid sense behind this approach. You spend less time learning to integrate separate systems, less time on the phone or chat seeking integration support, getting the best out of incompatible systems and doing more of what you want to do. Sales. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it.

Let us take a look at some of the features

kartra review features

Kartra Page Builder

Kartra provides a variety of Page templates, with a large list of situations where they may be needed. Classic sales pages to squeeze pages, Home Page to Blogs.

You can further edit these templates as per your liking. It’s a point and click process which is smooth and fairly easy to use.

The system is a little rigid in terms of customization as you have to take into account a variety of parameters and the process involves a few more clicks than usual.

Kartra supports video hosting so you do not need to depend on external platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, although the option is present.

Popup support is available integrated into the application as well.

Take all of these factors into account and the Page builder is an excellent option.

The Checkout process.

kartra checkout process

Now we come to the really impressive part. Kartra allows you to design a really complex checkout process which takes care of absolutely everything you may think of and then some that you might not even be thinking about. It allows you to sell an actual product, then pitches in for an upsell and also gets the customer hooked on to an entire elaborate affiliate mechanism.

Now you can stack these options one above the other to create a complex process which covers all bases. You can add the affiliate mechanism for any product and the system is designed to provide a very complex reporting mechanism for you and your affiliates. There is a custom URL that your affiliates can share.

You have access to a product sales analysis page which gives you a very clear picture of actual sales, returns, Refunds and cancellations and revenue generated. This level of reporting is also available for the affiliate program.

In short, Kartra provides a really stunning checkout process which is top of the class.

Email Marketing Solution


With its inbuilt Email Marketing Solution, Kartra is challenging the likes of Mailchimp, Getresponse, and Aweber and clearly seeks to replace them as your email marketing solution.

And feature-wise it easily can. It provides all the features, the above-mentioned heavyweights have and then some.

There are a number of standout features here like workflow automation called a Sequence Builder.

Kartra also supports SMS functionality in addition to emails.

Kartra also supports basic email lists and lead generation through landing pages. You have advanced customization and readymade templates that you can use for landing pages. Emails thus collected can be tagged and segmented based on user behavior. Also, you can import emails from any other service you had been using and you can upload them in CSV format.

This is a perfectly usable system as compared to any other email marketing service out there and the advantage is that it’s already a part of your existing marketing solution and the integration is seamless.

Now take a look at what Kartra is all about. Marketing Campaigns


Kartra has positioned itself as the crème de la crème of marketing tools. It features some of the most effective ready-made campaigns which can be utilized to drive sales.

You can also create custom campaigns from scratch and these can then be shared with other Kartra users.

Let’s take a look at the campaigns in question,

The “List builder Funnel”

When to use:

You’re just getting started with campaigns and/or want to get people on a list quickly

How to use:

Click to install, view the sidebar for instructions and tutorials and customize where needed.

list builder

The List builder campaign is an ideal vehicle to put your stake in the ground as a digital marketer. As you can see, it integrates multiple components and it does mean emailing prospects twice a day over three days.

Now, if that little voice of yours whispers, “That’ll turn off all those on my list because I’m bugging them twice a day,” let’s put that to rest right now. Testing from some of the top marketing experts in the world shows that multiple emails per day actually produces better results.

You know why? Because people’s email inboxes today are overflowing. So they could very well miss one of your messages. And no one wants that.

The “Quick Launch Funnel”

quick launch

When to use:

It can be used for new or existing subscribers. This campaign features two ways to promote/sell a product or service.

How to use:

Click to install, view the sidebar for instructions and tutorials and customize where needed.

Compared to the List Builder campaign, the Quick Launch Campaign is more ambitious. You’re actively selling via a sales page or a video sales letter. What’s unique is that if prospects don’t buy after going through the “click sequence” Kartra’s Marketing A.I. automatically puts them into a “countdown sequence.”

That sequence features countdown timers in both the emails and the sales page. And both the sequences in the Quick Launch Campaign give you the ability to enroll leads into another sequence in the future.

The 4-Day Cash Machine or “Reason Why Sale” Campaign

When to use:

For those already on your mailing list. Deploy to generate revenue fast over a four-day campaign. (Note: this campaign system has been used by digital marketers across the world).

How to use:

Click to install, view the sidebar for instructions and tutorials and customize where needed.

This campaign is legendary in online marketing circles. And for good reason; it’s a proven winner. At its core is a special offer and a reason behind it. (And no, the reason is not that you are having a sale!)  The reason could be as simple as a thank you for loyal subscribers and customers. Or, you could tie-in to a unique holiday or other noteworthy calendar events.

One valuable feature that this campaign includes (compared to the others) is a one-click upsell. With this enabled, the customer has already provided their contact and billing details, and with one click they can buy another product that complements their original purchase.

Another Separate Done-for-You Option: “The Simple List Builder” Campaign

When to use:

When you want to get something finished quickly to start acquiring leads via an opt-in form and page

How to use:

Click to install, view the sidebar for instructions and tutorials and customize where needed

The Simple List Builder Campaign builds your email list and also includes some follow-up email messages. This campaign is the quickest way to get a campaign LIVE and start collecting leads. Kartra provides your choice of opt-in page layouts/designs. Select the one that’s right for your freemium or content you deliver to people opting in. As with all the pre-built campaigns, everything is fully customizable.

Bottom line: everything is included, connected and ready to go with the exception of some tweaks and decisions by you. In fact, there are only five steps and you’re done!

Kartra Pricing

Starter plan costs $99/month with up to 2,500, 1 custom domain, 15k emails monthly, 2 membership sites, 100 pages. With all the features Kartra offers.

Silver plan costs $199/month with up to 12,500 contacts, 3 custom domains, 125k emails monthly, and hosts unlimited pages and members area.

Other Kartra plans include the Gold and Platinum plan costs $299/month and $499/month respectively. There is also an annual option that cuts all Kartra plan by 25%.

Is that All?

This is far from a complete review. There are many features that we haven’t covered here. There is a CRM integrated into Kartra. There is a membership and course portal, Integrated Webinar support and even an integrated helpdesk solution including Chat support. However, the features that we have looked at in-depth are the primary ones and the ones that you will be using most as your business grows.

Is Kartra Worth it?

With its host of features and the versatility of the platform, Kartra is definitely a powerful and often the only needed tool you will require to succeed at what you do. Taking this into account and the amount of time you will save makes this more than worth its price.

So if you are looking at an all in one platform, Kartra is a powerful addition to your business.

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