5 Easy steps to a killer email list from zero.

5 Easy steps to a killer email list from zero.

The Easy Guide to building a powerful Email List

The Most Important thing is-Do Not Buy Email Lists.

Step 1-Know Your Audience

  • Guide product development by creating features that help them achieve these desired outcomes
  • Prioritize which projects and campaigns to investing time and resources in
  • Create alignment across the organization and rally other teams towards a customer-centric vision

Step 2- Build your website

So now that you have identified your ideal customers, where are they going to gather?

  • A brief description of the what are you offering
  • At least one supporting image or even a short video
  • (Optional) supporting proof elements such as testimonials, customer logos, or security badges
  • Most importantly, a form on the landing page itself to capture information. If for some reason you can’t include a form on the landing page, use a large call-to-action (CTA) button to direct visitors to the next step.
  • Make sure your emails are valuable to the user
  • Lastly, the emails need to be relevant to the user.

How do you write an email for an email marketing campaign?

As they say, first impressions are the best impressions. And nothing says better about the content of your emails better than the subject line. You have approximately 50 characters in which you need to create a powerful enough impression that the user should want to open the email.

  • JetBlue: “You’re missing out on points.”
  • Digital Marketer: “[URGENT] you’ve got 1 DAY to watch this…”
  • The Muse: “We Like Being Used”
  • Warby Parker: “Pairs nicely with spreadsheets”
  • Rapha: “Gift inspiration for the discerning cyclist”
  • La Mer: “Age-defying beauty tricks”
  • Rent the Runway: “Happy Birthday Mary — Surprise Inside!”
  • Bonnie Fahy: “Mary, do you remember me?”

Step 4- Make an Irresistible Offer

Step 5- Use Social media

Now that you have a landing page up and ready to roll, use your social media account to post a link to your landing page. Post it on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and anywhere else you can think of. You will start seeing traffic from these sources very soon.

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